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Board and pot
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As readers of R.A.T. may know, I have been working on a remote control receiver project. Although this site is dedicated to tubes, I have chosen not to use tubes for this particular project...

The circuit is quite small and simple - the completed PCB can be seen together with an Alps pot on the photo. It is meant for controlling a motorized volume pot and two relays - one for mute and the other for power. The mute relay could also be used as a standby switch with B+ delay function. As the circuit doesn't include standby power, the power function is off only. If you add a standby power supply (power the circuit from a separate transformer or a wall-wart) it could be used to switch on as well.

I have recently updated the circuit a bit adding some features - the photo above shows the "v2.0" PCB. The extra features makes it possible to select the mute or B+ delay time, and select if the circuit is operated with a standby supply or not. I will describe the circuit and the protocol I've chosen on the following pages.

There have been "requests" for a larger circuit with more advanced features. I will probably work on that later. I have placed a "wish list" here with the feature requests there have been so far. Be sure to add your own strange requests ;-)

But anyway the "small" version is complete, and is described here.

Overview  Circuit description  Protocol  Parts/PCB  Wishlist


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