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I have built the circuit on a PCB. An un-populated board as well as a drawing can be seen below - the photo still shows the "old" version. The actual size is only 36x100mm (1.4x4") - about the size of a 6SN7 :-).
Un-populated PCB photo
PCB Drawing
Apart from the parts on the PCB, the following parts are needed:
  1. A motorized volume pot. The only type I can get here (Denmark) is the expensive blue Alps pot (as shown on the photo). The only value carried by the Danish suppliers is 50k, but I can also get 10k and 100k normally. I also have some surplus pots sometimes, and they are cheaper of course.
  2. A remote control transmitter. You can use almost any "universal" remote. Or you can use just about any Philips remote - doesn't matter if it's for a TV, a VCR or something completely different. If anybody's interested in a DIY remote just ask. It won't be cheaper, but may look better depending on your skills :-)
    I have drawn up a schematic for a transmitter based on a Philips app. note, and also designed a PCB. The result can be seen here and here. That design should work with 1 to 32 buttons, and can control other RC5 equipment also.
  3. A power source. 6-12V AC or 7-15V DC. 5V AC can also be used, if you use an LDO regulator instead of the 78(M)05. As you are building this circuit for a tube amp (right?), you may be able to find a spare heater winding to power the circuit.
  4. Relays for the power and/or mute functions if you want to use them. Just use small 5 or 6V relays. The power relays should be approved by whatever authority rules your country...


Kits are now available! You can order kits here.

I can normally supply the parts as a kit, but I can also supply just the chip or the chip and PCB. The cost depends on what I have to pay for the parts at the time of order, so just send me an e-mail to get the latest prices. At the time of writing, the price is approx. DKK 200. I may not have the PCBs in stock all the time. I order them when I get other PCBs done to keep the price down.

The Alps pot costs more than the kit, but as I wrote above I sometimes have some cheaper alternatives. I also have remotes sometimes.

Overview  Circuit description  Protocol  Parts/PCB  Wishlist


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