Remote control

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Below I will list the "wishes" I have received for a larger, more advanced version. I will try to incorporate as many functions as possible, while still trying to keep the circuit simple and cheap.

If you have wishes that are not on the list, please e-mail them to me so they can be added. If you want to "vote" for a particular feature please do.

The functions of the standard circuit, which the large version will also support, are:

  1. Output for controlling a motorized volume pot.
  2. Outputs for a power off and mute relay.

These are the wishes I have received so far:
  1. The ability to control more than one pot. Could be for a tone control or for a rear or subwoofer channel etc.
  2. An input selector using either relays or CMOS switches.
  3. Output for a display. LCD, LED or perhaps Nixie?
  4. Stored volume settings for different inputs. If using a motor pot I guess settings could be stored as +2 "clicks"/-1 "click" etc.
  5. A phase reversal switch.
  6. Outputs for switching between different tone control trimmers (a "TV" setting, a "CD" setting etc.).
  7. Relay outputs for power sequencing and overload protection circuit.

If I've forgotten anything just tell me...

Overview  Circuit description  Protocol  Parts/PCB  Wishlist


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